Jay T. Kearney, Ph.D.

Jay T. Kearney is a Senior Performance Consultant for Leadership Services Group of Osprey Leadership Consulting, Inc.  He has over 30 years of experience in the area of elite performance serving Olympic level coaches and athletes as well as senior executives to maximize their potential for world class performance.

Professional Expertise

Jay T. Kearney, PhD facilitates and provides leadership for the pursuit of excellence and optimization of performance across academic environments, Olympic sport, private companies, independent consulting, and leadership programs. Jay T. brings expertise accumulated in optimization of health and elite athletic performance.

Selected Client Companies

Center for Creative Leadership

Jordan Edmiston Group

Carmichael Training Systems


Legg Mason


Specific Consulting Engagements

Recent assignments include:

  • Consult with Executive Directors and High Performance Directors in a wide range of Olympic sports to facilitate the development of high performance Olympic planning systems and teams.

  • Consult with Olympic coaches and performance staff to identify, prioritize, and implement critical factors

  • impacting sustained competitive excellence in international competition.

  • Lead several financial services teams through an overview of the processes involved in the pursuit of excellence in sport and how these can be applied in business.

  • Organize and implement High Performance Summits for sports at the USOC.  Facilitate coaches and high performance staff to brainstorm how performance services can provide performance enhancement.

  • Consult with a medical device company to perform a market and product analysis and recommend development of the transition toward a service-based marketing strategy.

  • Recruited as a USOC Team Leader to conceptualize and implement a transitional model by which the US Olympic Committee interfaces with its client sports in the area of performance services.  The new model organizes multidisciplinary teams of experts who work with specific groups of sports that share unique competitive challenges.

Previous Experience

Jay T. Kearney was most recently the High Performance Director for one of the Sport Performance Teams at the U.S. Olympic Committee where he coordinated application of performance services ranging from sports medicine and science to nutrition and performance technology.  Earlier, Kearney served as the V.P. Health and Sports Sciences Services for Carmichael Training Systems (2004-2006), the leading company in the provision of remote access performance coaching for elite to aspiring athletes.  Jay T. was responsible for assuring that the coaches and methodology met the industry standard of excellence.

From 2000-2004, Jay T. was V.P. Clinical Affairs for HealtheTech, Inc. a start-up health technology firm that went public in 2003. 

Jay T.’s background in the elite sports science stems from 18 years in the Sports Science and Technology Division at the United States Olympic Training Center as the Director and as the Senior Sports Physiologist.  He also competed at the elite level of Olympic sport, coached at the NCAA Division level, and taught in the university-based academic and research environment, focused on the application of science and technology to the enhancement of

Education & Professional Affiliations

B.S. State University of New York (Health and Physical Education Minor: Biological Sciences)

M.S. University of Maryland (Exercise physiology)

Ph.D. University of Maryland (Exercise physiology)