Performance Results

The Osprey approach is based on our experience with high-performing teams. The principals of Osprey Leadership have years of experience studying the science behind effective business teams, medical and sports teams. Osprey has applied this understanding of high-performing individuals and teams to organizational leaders and executive teams across all industries. At Osprey, the science of team motivation and performance is combined with the art of facilitation and coaching. By under- standing the synergies that make an executive team effective during an economic crisis or Olympic challenge, Osprey can diagnose any team.

Osprey’s coaches and facilitators are skilled at assessing performance strengths and weaknesses, and coaching to achieve effective sustainability, innovation, and business impact. They identify not only individual performance factors, but also the interpersonal dynamics of the team, and what needs to be changed to optimize the performance of each. Then through coaching, in trusted partnership with cli- ents, the high-performance potential of the individual and team can be realized, enabling the team to reach its desired results.