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Osprey offers a wide array of services for development of leaders, teams, and organizations. We customize an approach that will best meet the objectives and resources of our clients, using a variety of assessment and development tools.

Developing and retaining leadership talent is mission critical for organizations. Only through full discovery of its leadership talent can organizations maximize their success. Osprey partners with organizations to develop leadership talent in individuals and teams.

Teams and organizations aspire to efficiency, innovation, inclusiveness, and resilience, which can be contradictory at times. To support the development of teams, Osprey consultants examine team processes, team culture, and team roles. We often begin by identifying the team’s objectives and then suggesting means for reaching them. This may involve talent assessment and coaching of the whole team or focus on a few individuals. We partner closely for the benefit of the individuals, team, and organization, offering group leader development programs which may be valuable for high potentials, or team development programs for functional or senior-level teams, or individual coaching activities for key organizational leaders.

When working with individuals, Osprey works to identify strengths and gaps in leadership behaviors, and partners with the leader to define a development plan. Then, working one-on-one, or engaging support from key stakeholders, Osprey coaches guide the leader to build his or her leadership capabilities, remaining focused on the objectives stated in the development plan.

  • Team assessment and diagnosis
  • Team facilitation
  • Leadership programs
  • Individual coaching
Assessment is a foundation of leadership development and coaching. Through assessment, Osprey helps leaders and organizations to identify their leadership strengths, as well as gaps which they may need to develop for greater competitive advantage.

Assessment is an integral part in succession planning, executive selection, leadership development, high potential identification and development, and coaching and team development. It also sets a baseline against which development progress can be measured.

Osprey consultants select from a wide variety of assessment tools to define specific skills and behaviors which contribute to leadership performance. Using psychometrically- sound instrumentation and qualified industrial psychologists to interpret data, Osprey guides leaders to define developmental targets in keeping with their business strategies. Osprey also utilizes its deep knowledge of senior leaders and what makes them successful and a competency database of 3500+ leaders worldwide. The results of the assessment process provide organizations with a definition of leadership success and a roadmap for achieving it.

  • Psychometric testing
  • Online assessments
  • Behavioral interviews
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Stakeholder interviews
Executive coaching lies at the heart of Osprey offerings. Whether selected to support team functioning or individual skill development, coaching involves one-on-one work with the executive. In trusting, confidential discussions, the coach works with the executive to assess leadership competencies, and reinforce leadership behaviors which are critical for success. Coaching offers the executive an opportunity for private reflection on the impact that his or her leadership behaviors have on the organization and business results.

Osprey works closely with a business head or Human Resources representative to ensure that coaching interventions directly tie to organizational objectives. We establish guidelines for confidentiality with the executive and ways to measure and report out on progress.

In working with top executives, Osprey coaches bring deep experience across industries and functions. They have successfully coached executives to leverage latent leadership strengths or build new ones.

Osprey specializes in coaching:

  • Senior executives
  • Succession candidates
  • High potentials
  • Executives in transition
  • Leadership teams
Effective team process is important to successful business results. Osprey’s consultants work with teams to guide them in the most effective team dynamics. They work with a key team leader to identify objectives, timeframe, desired outcomes for the team’s work. Then they can play the role of facilitator in the team’s meetings. This ensures good team process and allows the team leader to be a full participant in the team’s activities.

Facilitation works to bring the best out of every team, to leverage the strengths of each team member, to keep channels of communication open, and to stay true to the team’s objectives.

Osprey specializes in the facilitation of:

  • Senior teams
  • Functional teams
  • Strategy sessions
  • Decision meetings