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Our Approach

Our Approach

What we do

We are your leadership coaching and talent development partner working with executives, leaders and teams to cultivate a performance-driven culture.


A culture that supports talented individuals and teams to maximize results and maintain long-term success for future challenges sure to come.

How we do it

Our approach to leadership coaching is client intimate, outcome-driven and people-led.


Our work begins by gaining a deep understanding of your mission, the context within which you operate and your desired outcomes. We enable your talented people to take action by leveraging our experience and expertise in combining the art of leadership coaching and facilitation with a data-driven approach to produce individual growth and team development.

Why we do it

We truly enjoy working with people we respect in organizations where we know we can help, with individuals and teams who want to improve.


Our team thrives on undertaking stimulating work that is challenging, fun and makes a difference. As a boutique leadership coaching firm, we create long-lasting partnerships with business leaders. In helping others achieve their goals, we achieve ours!

Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Linzy schaller osprey leadership consulting president

Linzy supports senior leaders, leadership teams and high potential individuals towards higher performance through the strategic implementation of business goals and the instrumental behavioral and mindset changes required to drive success.


Linzy’s broad leadership consulting experience ranges from working with large traditional financial institutions adapting to the customer-centric focus necessary for sustainability in today’s global marketplace to supporting growth with entrepreneurial Silicon Valley start-ups and from global not-for-profit organizations engaging with governments and civil society to supporting National Olympic Committees with athlete career transitions. Moreover, her ability to use data to motivate and propel individuals through change creates lasting impact for her clients.

Linzy Schaller


Recent Engagements

Formulation and Execution of Strategic Plan for Global Nonprofit Focused on Climate Change: Worked closely with CEO, Board of Directors Chairperson and Leadership Team of global nonprofit organization focused on mobilizing businesses to address climate change. Coached individual Leaders and facilitated Leadership Team meetings and All Staff retreats to cultivate a performance-based culture capable of delivering ambitious strategic goals. Agile Transformation of Global Fortune 500 Company: Partnered with Chief Transformation Officer, VP of Agile Academy and multiple ExCom members to assess team dynamics and provide team development and Executive Coaching to support the behavioral changes needed to create an environment conducive to successfully integrating agile ways of working. Building Social Innovation Lab powered by Global Fortune 500 Company: Partnered closely with Managing Director of Innovation Lab, focused on creating practical solutions to increase employability and access to labor markets for underserved populations, to create a team environment capable of leveraging strengths and experiences of extremely talented and dedicated team members from diverse backgrounds to build something great. Driving Growth and Transformation for a Multinational IT Services and Consulting Firm: Worked closely with senior leaders to design and deliver a leadership development program dedicated to equipping leaders with the new perspectives, knowledge and mindset needed to partner with clients in new and different ways, ultimately enabling and driving growth for the firm. Life After Sport for Olympians: Designed and delivered transition program for US and Canadian Olympic athletes retiring from sport and transitioning into the next phase of their lives successfully.

Driving Philosophy & Background

“Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Linzy has significant business acumen acquired through her experience working in Financial Services as a trader and as a consultant for an American firm. Linzy’s relationship building skills and cultural flexibility developed via years of engagements conducting business abroad as well as coaching and facilitating individuals and teams in more than 30 counties. Additionally, Linzy excelled as a professional volleyball player and coach in the US, Europe and South America. Her unique background serves her well navigating the chaos, ambiguity and demands of the talented individuals, teams and organizations she serves.

Céline blanchoud leadership coach

Céline is a curious and efficient arranger who thrives on working with people from different backgrounds and helping shed light on areas for personal and professional growth. The foundation of Céline’s work is to facilitate and enable the right behaviors – leadership and functional – to help individuals, teams and organizations be their best. 


Céline started in the creative agency world, which led her to take on corporate communication roles in global multinational companies and become a Leadership Coaching professional. She believes in building sturdy relationships based on mutual trust and partners with clients across all sectors as an Executive Coach, facilitator, and corporate communications advisor to help them achieve the desired behavioral changes needed to realize sustained strategic impact.

Céline Blanchoud

Recent Engagements

Agile Transformation of Multinational FMCG Corporate Communications team: worked closely with Chief Transformation Officer and functional SVP and VP to define a change management plan, optimize the team’s composition, and refine ways of working. Facilitated team development sessions and provided individual Coaching to strengthen self-awareness and foster the psychological safety needed for a successful transformation. Coached Senior Brand Manager at International Sports Marketing Firm: supported the development of influencing without authority, assertiveness, and strategic thinking capabilities. Positive outcomes were observed in both performance and perception by direct reports, peers and line manager. The Coachee reported feeling better-equipped to continue their leadership journey with increased confidence and effectiveness as a result of the Executive Coaching support. Coached High Potential Leader at International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation: HiPo leader did not receive anticipated promotion and was given developmental feedback, which they appreciated, but did not know how to develop the skills the organization deemed critical for future success. Engagement focused on the practical development and application of situational leadership skills and enhancing the management of stakeholder perceptions.

Driving Philosophy & Background

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”. - John Lennon Céline has eighteen years of experience leading small and large teams and supporting and advising all levels in strategic corporate communications, transformation initiatives, organizational development and talent management. In her most recent role as a corporate communications director working in the FMCG industry, Céline demonstrated a strong foundation in the core skill areas, including strategic thinking, influencing, stakeholder mapping, measurement and coaching. She led and coached teams of managers and specialists to recruit and assess talent, deliver on functional annual plans, implement agile ways of working and provide active development and growth opportunities for their team members. She brings a high level of energy to each engagement. Her international background and acute attention to detail, combined with a constant eye on the big picture, allow her to quickly connect the dots in any situation. She is a reliable and driven problem-solver who motivates and supports the key decisions needed to steer and sustain success in uncertain and high-stress situations.

Belinda L. Block, Ph.D.

Belinda Block executive coach

As an Executive Coach, Belinda Block leverages her unique combination of insight, authenticity, and practical business knowledge to help leaders enhance their success. She possesses a corporate insider’s savvy and lends an outsider’s perspective.

With warmth, empathy, and candor, Belinda coaches individuals and provides concrete suggestions for improving business results. She has worked both internally and as an external consultant in a variety of organizations and industries including financial services, telecommunications, technology, and pharmaceuticals.

Recent Engagements

Elevating Leadership and Performance at an Insurance Company: Coached business leaders and C-suite members of an insurance company to improve executive presence, manage emotions more effectively, develop talent, and foster employee engagement. Designed and facilitated strategy sessions to create a vision and mission for the organization, resulting in a shared understanding of purpose. Implemented change management. Organizational results include premium growth from $600 million to over $2 Billion. Empowering Regional Sales Officers in Financial Services: Provided coaching to Regional Sales Officers at a financial services company to transition from individual contributor to manager and from manager to manager of managers. Special emphasis on communication, leadership presence, and team development. Balancing Leadership Style and Personal Life for a Biopharmaceutical VP: Coached VP, biopharmaceutical company to balance her results-oriented style with her passionate delivery. Coaching focused on flexing style, increasing business partnerships, improving strategic thinking, and balancing work with the demands of a young family. Results included promotion to SVP, Corporate Controller. Enhancing Communication and Delegation for a Director at a National Laboratory: Coached the Director of Facilities and Operations of a national laboratory to communicate clearly without emotion. Coaching focused on improved strategic thinking with a significant increase in delegation.

Driving Philosophy & Background

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou Previously Belinda was Head of Coaching at UBS Wealth Management Americas where she oversaw the development and execution of the coaching program that involved 53 coaches across the country. Before UBS, Belinda spent several years at Citigroup where she served as their Director of Senior Manager Development and implemented the first corporate-wide development program for the top 3,000 and top 30,000 managers at Citigroup across 103 countries in 17 languages. She transitioned into the role of Director of HR Strategy at Citigroup's Global Wealth Management where she continued to have a successful impact on the organization. In her role as Director of Leadership and Professional Development in the Private Client Group at Prudential Securities, Belinda directed the development and implementation of a leadership development program for experienced branch managers as well as a systematic approach to executive development for the home office and field leadership.

Dominique Gobat

dominique gobat leadership coaching advisor

Dominique works as a coach, advisor and facilitator, partnering with people to develop their leadership by increasing awareness of skills, competencies, personal values, personal branding, value proposition, networking and messaging.


With over 15 years of experience in leadership coaching & leadership development, Dominique provides clients with evidence-based strategies & techniques that have been proven to drive results. His approach is rooted in helping individuals identify their unique strengths & talents & leveraging them to build a career that aligns with their personal & professional goals.

Recent Engagements

Legacy Management Summit Coordination: Managed a program for an international summit between 2008 and 2010, focusing on knowledge sharing and best practices in managing legacies for major global events. Strategic Career Guidance for Senior Executives: Operated as a freelance career strategist within the Executive MBA program. Collaborated closely with senior executives to redefine their professional trajectories and establish realistic career objectives. Emphasized the significance of networking and personal branding to achieve their career aspirations. Comprehensive Career Support: Operated independently as a Career Advisor and Coach. Assisted individuals at various career stages, whether they were managing existing roles, seeking new opportunities, or adjusting to fresh career beginnings. Focused on enhancing personal branding, networking, influencing skills, and stakeholder mapping to drive career success.

Driving Philosophy & Background

“Whether you believe that you will be successful or not, you are always right. Success is neither an accident nor luck, success is a choice. Success is the ability to go from one setback to another with no loss of enthusiasm. You are the master of your destiny. How do you want to be remembered?” After his time with AISTS Dominique transitioned into the Coaching and Development space and now spends his time supporting students, business leaders and high potential individuals by Coaching, Facilitating and Teaching.

Andrew Hinkelman

Andrew_Hinkelman-3 (1).jpg

Andrew is an experienced Executive Coach who specializes in working with c-level leaders in highly technical organizations. With over 25 years of experience in IT roles, he has led teams through periods of steep growth and disruptive change. Andrew's real-world IT experience enables him to understand the challenges that engineering leaders and teams face on a daily basis.


Andrew helps his clients develop self-awareness through emotional intelligence, 360-degree feedback, and self-assessments. These methods help his clients become more conscious of their leadership style and better equipped to respond to different scenarios. He has coached leaders in Fortune 500 companies as well as pre-seed, seed, and series A stage startups.

Recent Engagements

Cultural Transformation and Leadership Alignment in a Large Investment Management Firm: Engaged as the trusted advisor to a sizable investment management firm's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), providing guidance on cultural issues and leadership gaps within a 600-person IT team. Tasked with identifying and addressing dysfunction resulting from the organization's rapid doubling in size during the COVID period. Spearheaded the definition of a set of new behaviors crucial for driving transformative change. Collaborated closely with the IT leadership team and key stakeholders, coaching them on modeling these behaviors and achieving significant capability maturity. Engineering Organization Enhancement for Series B Climate-Tech Business: Approached by the CEO of a Series B Climate-Tech business to bring clarity to issues within the Engineering organization, which she described as "cowboy" with a tendency to develop random features that rarely made it to release. Through candid conversations with the CTO, Head of Product, and Operations Manager, uncovered the sources of confusion and misunderstanding. Worked directly with the CEO, enhancing her awareness and communication, conflict management, and negotiation skills. Collaborated with the executive team to establish predictable planning and communication stages, fostering a stronger understanding of the technical team's challenges through team coaching. Leadership Development Engagement for Global Engineering Head: Enlisted by the Global Head of Engineering for a 12-month leadership development initiative, conducting Discovery sessions to identify behavioral challenges across seven VP and Director-level engineers. Resulted in a customized leadership model reflecting cultural values and critical engineering principles. Led 1:1 and group coaching sessions, guiding the team to establish common goals and monthly commitments, securing buy-in for the new model across all organizational levels.

Driving Philosophy & Background

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” - Ernest Hemingway Real progress is available to us when we release from what’s comfortable and commit to new actions on a daily basis. Andrew is known for his direct approach that compels executives to move beyond their technical expertise towards genuine relationship building, fearless communication, and consistency in their leadership. This is especially important for technical leaders who operate within a dynamic, nuanced culture where conflict and strong personalities are common. Andrew has extensive leadership experience, having served as the CTO of a global investment manager as well as the COO in the climate-tech industry. With 25 years of corporate experience under his belt, he has held various roles in IT, Product Management, and Business Intelligence. Andrew has led several IT management roles, including cloud infrastructure, software development, information security, digital transformation/CX, business continuity, IT compliance (SOC1/SSAE16), and Project Management. He also holds CISSP and ITIL v3 certifications.

Michael Ladd, MBA

Michael Ladd Leadership Coach

The foundation of Michael’s work is to facilitate and enable the right behaviours – leadership and functional - in order to help individuals and organizations be the best they can be.


His work includes both large, global and smaller, local organizational transformation initiatives involving multiple management levels and functions – but in all cases, the goal is to help talented individuals make the necessary behavioural changes in order to achieve new and challenging business objectives. Michael acts in multiple roles - strategic business advisor, experiential workshop facilitator and individual leadership coach - in order to achieve critical alignment and impact and to provide the necessary personal support to achieve the desired behavioural changes. 

Recent Engagements

Implementation of agile methodology across global financial services institution: Facilitated and coached large-scale leadership development program for major Europe-based bank looking to institute agile methodology across the entire organization. Supported the education and integration of behavioral changes necessary to allow successful implementation of agile ways of working; personal ownership, collaboration and an experiential mindset. COO of small biotech needed to drive new growth after acquisition: Worked closely with the entire team of a small biotech to re-segment their markets, redefine their value proposition by segment and prioritize existing and potential clients. Created a future roadmap for the Marketing team, and, as a side-effect of the project, a new succession plan for the key customer-facing scientists. Key Leadership Development Program for global automotive retailer/wholesaler: designed from the ground up an experience-based, multi-modular leadership development program for high-potential senior managers from across Europe, LatAm and Asia. Introduced the ideas of “discovery” and “business experiments”, both of which are now being used across the entire organization.

Driving Philosophy & Background

Michael believes that all of us, at any stage of our professional careers, are capable of personal growth through leveraging our unique strengths and addressing our blind spots. To help his clients grow and achieve their business goals, he starts by understanding their current work context, then, by developing the positive behaviors that promote effective collaboration and mitigating the negative behaviors that can get in the way of working well with others. Drawing upon his clients’ real-life situations – past, present and future – they identify the key behaviors that need to be cultivated (or pared down) and they work together to design and initiate individual experiments, trying out new behaviors and gaining useful feedback . . . all the time focusing on incremental growth and development. Michael has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, having worked with most of the Top Twenty Pharma Companies as well as a few small biotech companies. Additionally, Michael has recently worked with clients in the Financial Services, Automotive, Beverage & Spirits, Consumer Packaging and Oil & Gas industries.

Vaughan Pierce, MBA

vaughan pierce business strategy consultant

Vaughan’s expertise in strategy formulation and implementation enables him to clearly see the interdependencies between strategy, operating models and people to help organizations implement strategies that work.


When partnering with clients, Vaughan leverages his 25+ years of experience in strategy and change management consulting to ensure that positive leader behaviors are hard-wired into the execution of business strategy. By focusing on strengths and understanding how groups of talented individuals function, he enables leaders to discover areas of impact previously untapped. Vaughan is hooked on solving complex business problems. He loves to challenge and coach clients as they navigate complex business and people issues with clear insights and humor.

Recent Engagements

Guiding Global Financial Institution Transformation: Provided coaching to leadership teams to spearhead the transformation of a worldwide financial institution into an agile organization. Our efforts extended across all functional areas of the bank, spanning Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia. Enabling Post-Merger Success for Global IT Leadership: Facilitated the IT Leadership team within a global corporation to craft a strategic roadmap and execute a program aimed at ensuring the seamless integration of post-merger operations. In addition, Vaughan coached senior leaders in the effective implementation of agile methodologies. Global Skills Training for Agile Transformation: Served as tutor on a global program designed to deliver skills training to over 3,500 executives, preparing them for new agile work methodologies as part of a major organizational restructuring. His role involved facilitating workshops that nurtured a growth mindset, encouraged collaborative work, and promoted experimentation among participants from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Lead Mentor for Senior Executive Development: As Lead Mentor, Vaughan played a pivotal role in co-designing a program and leading the mentor community, aiming to empower senior executives to become trusted advisors within their organizations. His responsibilities included facilitating and coaching participant groups from the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia, assisting them in deepening their expertise as trusted advisors and driving individual transformative pursuits.

Driving Philosophy & Background

"Good leaders are made and not born. Bad people and bad leaders, by and large, are not inherently bad but are the products of their environment. The route to improving effectiveness for leaders lies in self awareness, adopting a growth mindset and modelling constructive behaviours." In his early career Vaughan was a corporate strategist with market leading UK bank RBS. Vaughan held several senior management roles including setting up and directing a number of asset management joint ventures. Vaughan moved into consulting with KPMG and was the Partner responsible for the Insurance sector at Cognizant before founding his own firm which he successfully sold this summer. He has extensive experience of strategy formulation and execution and has led numerous strategic transformation programs for companies including Aviva, AEGON and Standard Aberdeen. These have frequently been global in nature. Vaughan is an adjunct faculty member at the London Business School where he coaches leaders on the Senior Executive Programs and tutors Senior executives in the area of strategy execution.

Vicky Rhodes, MSc

Vicky Rhodes leadership consultant

Vicky has more than 25 years’ experience of consultancy and development work in leadership, strategy, policy and economics.


For the past twenty years she has been developing strategic thinking, leadership, decision making and effective Board-level communications skills in China, Europe, the USA, India, South Africa and South East Asia to a range of public and private sector clients. She achieves results through expert programme design, ‘adult to adult’ workshop sessions, application to live issues, project based learning and subject matter expertise. She employs a range of delivery media and styles tailored to the specific needs and culture of the group in question.

Recent Engagements

Pioneering European-Centered Program for Venture Capitalists: Created the first European centred programme to develop and professionalise thinking and practice for existing and aspiring Venture Capitalists. This innovative initiative not only advances best practices in the field but also actively champions a mission to enhance accessibility and foster inclusion. Elevating Leadership Thinking at a Major Multinational Bank: Had the opportunity to further enhance leadership thinking within a leading multinational bank. Our focus was on nurturing a senior leadership cohort equipped with the capacity, capability, and leadership acumen required to lead transformation in a large, well-established, hierarchical organization. Our program centered on harnessing the transformative potential of structured experimentation within highly regulated industries. Empowering Technical Strategy Consultants: Provided essential support to a boutique group of specialized Strategy Consultants, equipping them with advanced technical strategic thinking and analytical skills. This empowerment enables them to craft and sustain innovative solutions for their diverse clientele. Guiding Mid-Size Entrepreneurial Businesses to the Next Level: Administred practical support to mid-sized entrepreneurial enterprises seeking to elevate their operations. Our approach revolves around networked learning and development in key areas such as business strategy, innovation, team effectiveness, and leadership practices, enabling businesses to step confidently into the next phase of their growth journey.

Driving Philosophy & Background

"Clarify and Simplify" Vicky draws on a wide range of academic and commercial experience to meet client needs. She’s worked with organizations in public, private and voluntary sectors in the course of her career and responded to the specific needs of each. Before moving into leadership development full-time she was a consultant in the Strategy, Policy and Economic Division of PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also has firsthand experience as a business owner and entrepreneur helping found and develop a successful software business and a consultancy.

Marcia Ruben, Ph.D.

Marcia Rubent_prv (2) (1)_edited.jpg

Marcia is a renowned Executive Coach who believes that the signature of an effective leader is their organization's ability to rise to the challenge amidst complex and rapidly changing conditions. She instills in her clients the confidence to lead and the conviction and skills to build more resilient, responsive teams that thrive despite the uncertainty and ambiguity accompanying tumultuous change.


Marcia has worked with leaders in various sectors, offering coaching, consulting, and facilitation services to executives at different levels, from CEOs and EVPs to general managers and senior directors, at organizations ranging from startups to prestigious Global 50 companies. Marcia's laser-focused approach facilitates transformation and substantive business results, whether the need is a more substantial leadership presence, increased conflict management skills, enhanced collaboration, higher emotional intelligence, a greater capacity for complexity, or more persuasive influence. Besides her work as a coach and consultant, Marcia is a Professor Emerita at Golden Gate University. She was the architect of an extremely popular and successful practice-based Master's in Leadership.

Recent Engagements

C-level and SVP-level executive women: Facilitate monthly meetings for four groups of women focused on more effective leadership and advancing in their careers. Confidential meetings include problem-solving for strategic challenges, team development, motivating remote and now hybrid workforces during and post-COVID, and overcoming gender bias. VP of Sales for a $ 5 billion software company: Coached leader in her role as Director and Senior Director, focusing on strategic thinking and executive presence, ultimately coaching her to her promotion to Vice President. Senior Federal Leaders: Provide 360 feedback and coaching to Senior Executive Service leaders in DHS, FDA, and USDA. Provided 360 feedback and ongoing coaching for two senior-level leaders chosen to participate in a year-long leadership development assignment in the White House. Coaching included support in navigating the political dynamics and clarity in the next career steps. Regional Transportation Agency: Most recent engagement includes working with senior-level leaders to facilitate two "partner" meetings with agency leadership and their largest contractor. Conducted a post-mortem assessment to address the contentious relationship, presented results to the top leadership of both firms, and am now engaged to facilitate a series of steps to reset the relationship and the working process.

Driving Philosophy & Background

Marcia believes leaders who understand the importance of productive working relationships throughout their organization create a culture of psychological safety in which employees feel safe sharing ideas and disagreeing, all in the service of better solutions. They know that the world isn't always ordered and predictable, so they create an agile culture so that when disruptions occur, and they will, they and their organization can distinguish between a complicated and complex challenge and shift and experiment when there are no easy answers. Finally, they know that being a lifelong learner, willing to reflect on themselves as leaders and grow their capacity, is one of the most critical success factors. Before becoming a full-time consultant and executive coach, Marcia was a principal at a firm that focused on organizational change management. She oversaw projects in the high technology and agricultural sectors. Before that, Marcia served as a Vice President at a boutique consulting firm that also focused on organizational change management. She oversaw the development of change leadership training materials. Before that, Marcia was an award-winning National Account Executive and Performance Consultant for Wilson Learning Worldwide, a global provider of learning solutions. She consulted with Fortune 500 high technology, telecommunications, and retail corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her first corporate management position was with a Fortune 500 health and nutrition company, where she traveled the country, facilitating sales and leadership development conferences and coaching the company's top sales leaders. Her extensive industry experience provided her with business acumen and a deep understanding of what differentiated top-performing leaders, teams, and organizations. She has worked at the individual, team, and systems levels.

Marc Thorens, MBA

Marc Thorens leadership coaching in HR

Marc Thorens has accumulated over 25 years of Human Resource experience in big multinationals covering different industries such as Pharma, Banking, Trading, and Shipping.


Through his agile leadership coaching approach, Marc allows Senior leaders and Managers to enhance their ability to lead with purpose. He addresses relevant talent development issues to effectively support transformation and change. Marc helps leaders strengthen their personal knowledge and skills to overcome solitude and prepare to face new challenges for the future. His extensive experience with Family owned businesses led him to work closely with CEOs and Chairmen.

Recent Engagements

Strategic HR Advisory for a SME: Provided expert guidance on HR strategy to drive transformative change within the organization, spanning the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. Key areas of focus include enhancing company branding, optimizing recruitment processes, refining onboarding procedures, and improving performance management. Team Building for a dismantled team at a Large Corporation (Team of 12): This program encompassed personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions, the introduction of a 'Speak-Up' platform for open communication, team-building exercises, the establishment of common future objectives, and the administration of company engagement surveys. Individualized Career Transition Program: Provided a customized career transition program designed to empower the individual. This program emphasized the development of a professional project, equipping the individual with personal marketing tools, aligning with their personal values, and providing rigorous interview training. Comprehensive Workshop Training Materials for Outplacement: Topics covered include: a. Effective Emotion Management During Career Transitions b. Navigating the Digital Marketplace: Crafting Your Online Presence c. Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Skills d. Preparing for Interviews: Crafting Your Pitch, Handling Questions, and Showcasing Your Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Driving Philosophy & Background

"Do what we love to do and love what we’re doing. When that happens, we can consider to have achieved an important step in our life." Most recently Marc was the Head of Human Resources in a large shipping company where he put in place a complete HR Governance from hire to retire. He started his career with Adecco Group, launching an Outsourcing initiative for companies like JP Morgan, Cargill, Covance and Serono before serving as Regional Director within the group. He was then an Ombudsman with Serono before moving to Cargill in the function of Sourcing and recruitment Manager.

Peter Urbanczyk

Peter Urbanczyk leadership coaching

Peter’s leadership coaching practice is focused primarily on high potential senior and mid-level managers in a variety of industries, including finance, media, retail, real estate, and technology.


When coaching senior executives under consideration for CEO, Peter interacts frequently with the CEO incumbent and with others responsible for the succession decision. Peter manages his coaching portfolio very intentionally, including much younger leaders in the early to mid-stages of their careers, helping to develop leaders for the future and to enable his more senior clients to lead effectively in multi-generational contexts. His coaching approach is steeped in the methodology of the Hudson Institute of Coaching - focusing on understanding clients’ strengths, values, and development opportunities, and on achieving tangible goals - blended with real world knowledge.

Recent Engagements

Executive Coaching for Fortune 200 Group EVP (Reporting to the CEO): Collaborated closely with the Group EVP of a Fortune 200 company, reporting directly to the CEO, to enhance their communication and leadership abilities throughout a two-year engagement. The feedback received upon completion of the project highlighted significant and commendable improvements in both areas. Leadership Transformation for Senior Vice President in Retail Industry: Worked intensively with a Senior Vice President from a prominent retailer to refine their leadership style and adjust their pace to align more effectively with various stakeholders. This coaching journey, spanning nine months, yielded exceptional progress, fostering a stronger, more cohesive connection with both direct reports and subordinates. Emotional Mastery and Impactful Leadership for Senior Finance Director in Technology Sector: Assisted a Senior Director of Finance in a technology company in mastering emotional control in high-pressure situations and bolstering their impact across the organization. The individual's future action plan is strategically designed to position them for advancement within the company over the next 1-2 years. Management Effectiveness and Strategic Leadership for VP (Reporting to CFO) in Private Equity Firm: Collaborated with a Vice President reporting directly to the CFO of a private equity firm to enhance management effectiveness and foster collaboration with new peers. Additionally, the engagement involved assuming a more strategic role in overseeing specific new initiatives for the CFO.

Driving Philosophy & Background

Peter believes that coaching the whole person is the best avenue for behavioral change and use his ability to build strong, trusting relationship to help clients examine what is getting in their way of additional success. he also leverages 35+ years of professional experience to provide more real-world assistance when this meets the clients’ needs. Peter transitioned into executive coaching after three plus decades of success in finance where he held a number of leadership positions as an investment banker, a fixed-income trader and salesman, and as a CEO focused on international markets. He has seen firsthand the challenges executives face, having managed teams and businesses through many international economic crises and turbulent markets. Highlights of his finance career include nine years as a Senior Managing Director and Head of Emerging Market Fixed Income Sales at Bear Stearns & Co., and later being the CEO and Chairman of the Board of a US broker-dealer. Throughout his career, Peter especially enjoyed his roles as manager and mentor, and today he relishes witnessing the continued success of many former colleagues and proteges.

Niki Neubertova, MSc

Strategic Coordinator

Niki photo_edited_edited.jpg

As Osprey's Strategic Coordinator, Niki is responsible for coordinating projects and ensuring the smooth running of all administrative, financial and operational aspects of Osprey.


In doing so, she skillfully utilizes the experience she has gained through her previous experience as a project manager for short-term international experiential education programs. Niki holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management and a Master's degree in Occupational Psychology. Her interest and experience in the field, coupled with her empathetic and warm nature, qualify her to provide valuable support to all Osprey clients. With various work experiences across cultures, Niki is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Why Partner with us


We partner with people we respect in organizations where we know we can help, with individuals and teams who want to improve. We create deep, long-lasting partnerships.


We have a stable history of demonstrable, results-oriented, commercial impact with the highest-level individuals and the high-performance teams in Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies all over the world. We leverage our commercial judgement, analytical rigor and deep knowledge of what makes leaders and teams successful.


Our combination of scientific, data-driven analysis and artful leadership coaching and facilitation is proven to get results. We deliver leadership and team development with sustained impact because we cut through the noise and quickly get to the heart of strengths and developmental opportunities.


We are leaders in our field and know what it takes to help our clients achieve success. Our intensive data-based approach to leadership coaching and talent development combined with our years of experience supporting senior leaders, leadership teams, high-potential leaders and organizations at large allows us to help individuals and teams leverage their strengths, unlock previously untapped potential and make the changes needed for both individual and organizational growth.

What our clients say

"Our organization was going through strategic change process, that has required a massive transformation of the team, mindset, ways of working and culture. Linzy’s ability to see the desired impact, assess the individual and collective strengths of the team and coach them with me through the change has been invaluable. She has an innate ability to connect with people 1:1 and then shed light on team dynamics, blockages, hidden strengths and potential."

Managing Director of Global Corporate Foundation

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