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Strategy Through 
Talent Development

By immersing clients in a safe yet challenging learning environment, we are able to provoke, challenge assumptions and introduce new ways of thinking and behaving that transform leaders, teams and organizations.

  • Our approach is evidence and outcome-driven, client-focused and aims to maximize ROI.

  • We collaborate to clarify, design and achieve talent development that delivers business impact.

  • We provide world-class quality leadership development at significantly lower costs than business schools & big consultancies.

Strategy Through Talent Deveopment

Example Areas of Talent & Team Development

- Leadership development, focusing on building high-performance teams, creating a common vision, and aligning leadership and teams around specific goals - Leading change and transformation, including embarking on a new strategy and identifying clear goals - Talent support for mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, and scale-ups - Development of female leaders and improving engagement and retention of leaders and managers - Exploring different leadership styles and adapting to needs while navigating ambiguity and uncertainty - Consulting with colleagues and stakeholders for problem-solving and decision-making - Developing executive presence, influence, and communication skills - Increasing agility, resilience, flexibility, and adaptability - Coaching and developing others, inspiring them to reach for the improbable - Managing conflict, difficult conversations, and giving and receiving feedback - Leading teams virtually and cultural awareness

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Osprey Leadership Coaches are business-focused professionals with deep behavioral science backgrounds and/or decades of experience serving as or supporting Senior Leaders. 


We support individuals via co-creating leadership capability effectiveness development plans based on world-class leadership research. Our Coaches use comprehensive overall assessments, match leadership capabilities to business strategy and serve as thought partners as issues arise to ensure leaders are leveraging their strengths well, unlocking previously untapped potential and making progress in developmental areas to help them take their leadership to the next level.

Example Coaching Engagements

Leaders in transition: moving up within an organization requires adapting to new and different areas of focus and responsibilities. Newly appointed Leaders: supporting Leaders recently promoted and taking on new team management requirements Continuous improvement: for leaders that want to develop their skills further, unlock their full potential and achieving exceptional results High Potential individuals: supporting the purposeful leveraging of strengths and developing areas of opportunity Cohort Coaching: supporting groups of individuals across the organization with similar developmental opportunities and needs

Offsites & Retreats
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Offsites & Retreats

Our coaching approach is rooted in a deep commitment to enhancing individual and team performance. We believe that the key to cultivating and sustaining high-performing teams lies in taking strategic breaks from the daily routine, allowing your team to unite and shift their focus from the 'what' to the 'how' of their work.


We go beyond conventional corporate team-building exercises, curating immersive experiences and strategic working sessions to enhance team cohesion and increase motivation, engagement and commitment.

Example Areas of Offsites & Retreats Focus

- Aligning leadership and teams around common, specific goals & objectives - Creating a common, purpose lead, vision for the future - Building a strong leadership team that can manage processes and people, not just processes and execution - Bringing people ‘with you’ through change and transformation, ensuring they do not feel ‘left behind’ - Facilitation of key discussions, work streams and priorities to drive strategic goals

Speaking Engagements
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Speaking Engagements

Our speaking engagements are designed to help organizations and leaders remain relevant and thrive in today's landscape. High-energy keynotes provide actionable insights and real-world success stories, equipping your team to excel in an ever-evolving business environment.

Example Speaking Engagement Topics

- Future Readinness - Radical customer centricity - Future proofing your organization - Leading change in the organization - High performing Leadership - Becoming more adaptive and resilient - Inspiring, engaging and motivating others - Empowering female leaders

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