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Great strategies help organizations succeed.

Add great leadership and they soar.


We are dedicated to the development of leaders, teams and organizations. Our business and results-focused professionals have been empowering talented individuals to leverage their strengths and seize opportunities for increased effectiveness for 20+ years. We build enduring partnerships with our clients by gaining a deep understanding of their mission and helping them take the actions needed to achieve sustained success. 

  • Our approach is client intimate, outcome-driven and people-led.

  • We leverage our leadership consulting experience and expertise in building performance-based cultures to support your talented individuals in taking action to achieve desired results.

  • We measure our success by your ability to accomplish your objectives. 

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What We Do

Strategy Through Talent Development

Our leadership consulting methods are diverse. We use individual and team assessments, experiential learning activities and integrated working sessions to facilitate meaningful learning opportunities directly linked to the behaviors needed to deliver strategic business goals for sustained impact.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching for businesses improves results by unlocking the potential of the Coachee.

Through genuine relationships, constructive feedback, focused goal setting, and willingness to challenge and support, our leadership consulting experts help leaders progress rapidly on their journey to peak performance. 

Offsites & Retreats

We facilitate customized team offsites and retreats with a focus on creating the climate where people can do their best work. We build on individual and team assessments to develop engaged, high performing teams, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of collaboration to deliver strategic business results.

Speaking Engagements

High-energy and pragmatic keynotes address important challenges and opportunities organizations and leaders face.

By sharing research-based insights, real-world examples and actionable takeaways, we aim to equip leaders with tangible strategies they can immediately apply to drive positive change.

What our clients say

“Our organization was going through a strategic change process, that required a massive transformation of the team, mindset, ways of working and culture. Linzy’s ability to see the desired impact, assess the individual and collective strengths of the team and coach them with me through the change has been invaluable. She has an innate ability to connect with people 1:1 and then shed light on team dynamics, blockages, hidden strengths and potential.“

Managing Director of Global Corporate Foundation

Who we work with

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